The World's first  Vertical
Beer Pong Game!

Stack and Shoot with this multiplayer party game

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"If you do a tournament, please let
 us know. We are getting good at this!
 Throw a world championship and we will be there. Thanks for a great game."

- Dennis C., Spring, TX

Benefts of PongTower

WARNING, Extreme Fun!

PongTower™ is an exciting, challenging and portable new pong game. Bounce the pong ball into the "Cup" at increasing heights.

We're working on some cool new stuff

A great gift idea, give the second tower to a friend!
for a limited time only pay S&H


Take it with you anywhere
 you go and be ready to play


Has many people that can fit around a table

Great for Parties

Frat Parties, Pre-Wedding, Family, Bar, Home

This Offer Includes:

2 PongTowers Absolutely Free

With 2 tower sets,
you can play vertical beer pong!

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